Sunday, June 8, 2014

A New Walking App

It's been raining almost non-stop for the last couple of days, but today it's very nice. So this morning I took advantage of the pre-mid-day humidity and took a long walk.

Map my Walk LogoIt was my chance to try out my new walking app, Map My Walk. I only downloaded it because my Nike Run App suddenly stopped working on my Android phone. I became frustrated, so I began looking for a new app. This one has some great reviews, and over 1,000,000 dowloads, so I grabbed it.

Feature wise, it's about the same as the Nike app. There is a paid version which is more feature rich, but for what I need it for, the free version is good for me.

Map my Walk turned out to be just as accurate as the Nike app. It has built in GPS, which shows the course I walked, and it shows the amount of calories I burned and the pace I averaged. It also let me know when I hit the mile mark, two mile, etc. And it give you a nice rundown of your exercise session when you are done, with the ability to save or discard your workout. Plus, like the Nike Run app, you can post your results to Facebook, to let your friends know that you are exercising.

Another feature on the free version that I like, is the ability to pick nearby courses to take, and the amount of miles in each course. This helps break up the monotony of walking the same route everyday.

If you don't have a walking app I would recommend Map my Walk. It's accurate, and the paid version has a service that let's friends and family know that you are on a walk, and also where you are.

Happy Walking!

Map my Walk app screenshot

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